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shamanic therapy

Understanding the concept:


The Lattice represents our personal "design" (design), and has a configured form that is also our "soul contract" on Earth.  Everything that we are (all experiences of all lives on Earth) is imprinted and karmically programmed into this Lattice. It is a mesh of mental, emotional and spiritual information.

The contract represents our free will when incarnating: they are the experiences we will experience with the ultimate goal of evolving on planet Earth. Yes, you are allowed to change your contract as there are 12 paths to soul evolution.


Of the many ways to experience the path of learning on Earth, fulfilling karma (law of action and reaction) in sacrifice is just one of them. In this sense, it can be understood that the Mesh reflects to concrete reality everything contained in it, as information. The Lattice then becomes Karma itself. But the Lattice can also be reconfigured, evolutionarily, as our awareness of the Whole increases, and this dissolves negative Karma.

From a fifth dimensional point of view, Karma is a series of imprints that limit the expression of the Self essence. Once these imprints are released, negative Karma transmutes into Mastery, which is the condition of the lesson learned by the soul on Earth.


Every subtle energy system functions as a mesh of magnetic information, structured as an energy network. This mesh is composed of subtle bodies, nadis or energy channels, and chakras, which are the emitting and receiving vortices of the consciousness generated in the incarnated Self in the body. The physical body is an integral part of the consciousness of the Self as a whole, as it is a generating component of magnetic energy.


Since ancient times, astronomical observations have inspired understanding of the cosmos as an archetypal model of the human body and its subtle anatomy.

According to ancient teachings, patterns of Symmetry and Balance are known to govern the laws of formation of manifested reality. This means that for every action, there will be a reaction. Everything that manifests has a natural tendency to rearrange itself towards symmetry. Hence the law of causality (karma) to which we are all subject, for perceiving reality as it is.


Human consciousness perceives its world by patterns of symmetry, just as the mind tends to rearrange for perfection everything it conceives. There is a resonance pattern that echoes at all dimensional levels, the inside and the outside, above and below, spirit and matter, everything is always in resonance in the Universe.

The Self, in its structure, operates by generating patterns of consciousness that emit magnetic waves. These magnetic waves expand through the ether (extra physical dimension). Repetitive thought patterns spontaneously build structures called thoughtforms. Once in existence, the Self involuntarily and constantly creates patterns of consciousness that interact with the cosmic magnetic grid through a mechanism called sympathetic resonance.


When we emit dense thought forms or emotional forms through the magnetic vortices (chakras) and our entire magnetic system, we are resonating with the collective unconscious and creating alternative possibilities for our destiny, as the collective unconscious resonates to concrete reality the patterns that are saturated with density magnetic. These patterns, negative or positive, depending on the nature of the individual's energy grid, decay into concrete reality, as this is denser than the reality of energy, subtle and invisible.


There is therefore a sequence of events, like a cascade, which determines the manifestation of less dense patterns, such as the magnetic patterns of thoughts, for denser patterns, such as patterns relating to the facts of reality.


Concrete reality is not governed by chance, as people who are sleeping in the illusion of the third dimension believe. The relationships that govern concrete reality are governed by the geometric law of Symmetry, or LAW OF ATTRACTION. The law of attraction is the same law that governs the concept of Karma.


Planet Earth has a collective consciousness grid called the Akashic Record. This record is an archive of all of humanity's psychic experiences, from the very beginnings when Earth was designated for the human species to evolve, materially, emotionally and spiritually.
The mesh is like a chessboard: it is the magnetic environment that creates the arrangement for Karma to develop, for interactions between individuals to take place.


The Higher Self is our essential force at the origin of creation. A few months before the birth of the individual on Earth, part of the cosmic magnetic flux, from which the superior Self comes, a spark of divine creation, called a monad. The monad is then divided into three energetic seeds, which are implanted in the newly conceived individual. These three seeds are the permanent Mental seed (in the head), permanent Emotional seed (in the heart) and permanent Physical seed (in the navel). The higher self, in essence, keeps track of all of our experiences in all of our passages on planet Earth. From this record also come the patterns called Karma from past lives, which, together with the familiar karmic patterns and the experiences of the individual's personal history, make up the personality as a whole.
In the formation of personality, it is observed that there are dynamic and highly energetic structures: the archetypes.
Archetypes are structuring elements of personality. They are patterns of behavior fixed by models, based on social beliefs about the individual's behavior in a given social group.
The personality is composed of several archetypes, which are changeable, according to the phase of life, and with the change of "status" of the individual in the social group.


An Archetype is described by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung as a set of psychic images present in the collective unconscious, which would be the deepest part of the human unconscious. Archetypes are genetically inherited from ancestors, from a civilization, ethnicity or people group. Archetypes are not cohesive and "palpable" memories in the context or classic definition of memory, but are the set of unconscious information (patterns) that motivate human beings to believe or give credit to certain types of behavior. The archetypes correspond to the set of beliefs and basic behavioral values of the human being and can manifest themselves in religious, mythological beliefs or in the individual's unconscious behavior.
From puberty onwards, children begin to structure transpersonal archetypes. In this formation, he is influenced by the group, and also by karma patterns. During this process, the child absorbs, builds and energizes the various archetypal patterns.
What conditions the value of a given archetype in the personality is its level of efficiency in producing self-approval.
The individual develops always "testing" the power of the archetypes, waiting for a social response so that the developed archetypes can obtain validation, and thus permanence in the personality.
Archetypes are extremely vulnerable to group disapproval, as the being always seeks security and integration in the group.
The formation of archetypes is a process where the Self absorbs a set of beliefs about what it is, creating a personal mythology that will determine all subsequent factual interactions in the individual's history.


Due to the immense pressures that a social group can impose on the individual, there is a tendency to absorb archetypes that are not part of the essence of the Self: archetypes that are far from the needs for balance and inner satisfaction. This condition of vulnerability is the determining factor in the formation of the shadow archetype, which is a pseudo personality suited to the interests of acceptance by the group.


An archetype is a dynamic structure that depends on interaction with the essence of the Self to generate creative power for the individual. Disharmonious archetypes dissolve the creative power of the Self, causing in the individual a sense of incapacity that blocks the biochemical sources of internal satisfaction, generating disharmony between the psychic centers: chakras.


The absorption of a limiting belief pattern in the individual's personality determines a magnetic implant in the energetic mesh, which will pulsate the self-destructive negative consciousness into the collective unconscious.
Due to the fact that the archetypes energize situations of balance between the Self and the social environment, it is necessary for the individual to choose archetypes that bring internal balance to the individual as well. But that would be an ideal situation. Due to karmic issues, it is very common for the individual to always choose in favor of maintaining security, absorbing and building archetypes that are harmful to their own physical health and psychic balance.


When the Self expresses in the personality archetypes that are at odds with the essence of what it is, in the medium and long term there is a lack of compensation between what the individual is for the social group, and his degree of internal satisfaction with the manifestation of his personality. , generating extreme negative patterns of dissatisfaction with work, family, friends, and with oneself.

This is the main factor causing depression and high levels of stress in most individuals.
Archetypes are dense psychic structures, which tend to crystallize in the personality, and once the individual spends a lot of time adapting and deviating from his inner essence, the relationships and rules that are created end up suffocating the individual's ability to perceive who he is. The immense self-censorship that can be created with constant dependence on group approval oppresses the essence of who one is, turning off the power of the Self to dismantle the mesh of relationships created by disharmonious behavior patterns. In other words, in the medium and long term, there is a creative crisis in the personality, generating the inner sensation of being in a labyrinth, where everyone around only expresses disapproval and demands.
The archetypes, to be healthy for the individual, must bring joy, and sensations of reward for what one does, and for what one is. When these sensations are not present, the individual develops the awareness that he is in "sacrifice" on the planet, ending up wanting to "leave" the Earth. Such a state of disharmony then manifests itself as a configured state of deep depression, which undermines physical health, and generates implants of negative consciousness that are crystallized in the energy grid, polluting and intoxicating the entire system, until the death of the physical body.


From a metaphysical point of view, the manifestation of an archetype in the personality derives from karmic factors. Family karma, past life karma, and emotional experiences in an individual's life condition the formation and manifestation of an archetype.

In this work, learned from the experiences with two great Shamanic masters whom I had the pleasure of meeting on this journey (Felipe Rosa Guia and Robert Moss), I lead the client to transmute the negative conditions of his karma and the limiting belief patterns (fruits of the experiences of the present life), for the release of the past and for the resurgence of the essential archetypes of the Self, restoring a more harmonious life and related to the purposes of the Soul.


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