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Astrology and Psychology from a transdisciplinary perspective
with Carlos Fini


The Interpretation of Signs (Signs) rests on the foundations of classical and Hellenistic logic. In fact, they are beyond Astrology. Due to fragmentation and specialization, the areas moved away creating an iconotropy of Sign and Meaning; making, in our case, the Astrological interpretations a bunch of isolated affirmations, without any integrative model. Efforts towards recovering Semiology and the integrated logic of Signal Systems using: Aristotelian Syllogism, Classical and Contemporary Cosmology, Empiricism, Kinematics, Geometry, the Astrosyntheses in Villefranche and the logic of Dialogical Signs in Bakhtin orchestrated by complexity and Transdiscipline in Edgar Morin will be the scope of this training.


We will see how the elements of a Natal chart can be integrated in a complex way, so that we are interpreting complex equations of Signs, from which the Sense, the Sign, the Meaning emerge, which in essence make up the Interpretation.


Jung, Freud, Neuroscience, Neurotransmitters, Complexity and models on integration and the discussion on love as an integrating element in Psychoanalysis will be addressed, whose central axis will always gravitate around Astrology.

Astrology and Kabbalah
with Maurice Jacoel


In this course we will learn about the main myths and archetypes of the Hebrew tradition and how they relate to astrology. We will know the tree of life, the sephirots, the correlation of the 12 tribes, with the zodiacal signs, the conception of the 4 worlds. And the calendar of celebrations linked to the signs. We will learn which archetypes are directly related to the Hebrew tradition!!


There will be 5 in-depth modules on the subject, check out what you will learn in each of them:

1 - Symbols and archetypes of the Tree of Life

Let's get to know the main archetype of the Hebrew tradition


2 - 0s 4 worlds

The 4 levels of manifestation that support the Tree of Life.


3 - Planets and Sephirots

Relationship between astrology planets and the "parts" of the tree of life


4 - The Zodiac and the 12 Tribes.

Analogy between the signs of the zodiac and the 12 Hebrew tribes.


5 - Main archetypes

crystal drop
with Ana Kutner


On the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, Crystals were considered a great source of energy from Nature. Before the disappearance of these continents, many sages programmed some crystals so that their knowledge would not disappear. 

Thus, they have always been our allies on the path of self-knowledge and healing. 

The main objective of this course is to know the classification of Crystals, their relationship with the Chakras and how to use them in a conscious and positive way in everyday life, in consultations and in self-knowledge combined with meditation techniques, chromotherapy and programming and thus access all this creative source available to everyone.

There will be 5 in-depth classes on the subject, check out what you will learn in each of them:


1 - Introduction to crystals

Let's get to know the crystals: Staff, Archivist, Environment, Generators.

Anatomy of Crystals. 


2 - Chakras

Identification, energy classification and correlation with body organs.


3 and 4 - The corresponding Chakras and Crystals


5 - Seventh Chakra and Violet Flame.

Hyaline: Rock Crystal or Quartz. Solarization with Crystals / Crystal Floral.

Astrology and Systemic Constellation
with Elizabeth Nakata


Come and enrich the reading of your Natal Chart or your astrological consultations through this Workshop that brings together Astrology and Systemic Family Constellation, bringing light to what may be hidden and facilitating the process of untying knots for your clients.

The Systemic approach of the Natal Chart is one of the best methods for individual growth and flourishing based on self-knowledge and self-development provided by the appropriation of the systemic laws that permeate our relationships, whether personal, family or professional.

In this course you, astrologer, will expand your interpretation from the learning of systemic concepts applied in our distance learning environment.

What you will learn:
1 - The three pillars of the Systemic Constellations
2 – Systemic reading of the Natal Chart, to identify entanglements
3 – Hidden Sign
4 - Synchronicities with the Opening Hours Map
5 - Memory of elements
6 – Significators of the Orders of Love
7 - The Orders of Help
8 - Constellating the Map with representatives (face-to-face and online)
9 – Constellating luminaries and planets with representatives or elements
10 – Constellating astrological aspects
11 – Constellating issues seen in the Natal Chart with representatives, dolls and anchoring elements
12 – Online consultations
13 – Conducting an online Constellation of the Natal Chart in a group.
Unique and complete course, with theory and practice!

Come study at Casa do Sol

Casa do Sol was created to bring together different types of knowledge, especially but not exclusively Astrology, aiming at the spiritual and individual evolution of each being and enabling the awakening of many consciences.

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