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Astrology and Kaballah

Astrology and Kaballah, the association of ancient astrology knowledge withintradition hebraica.  Understanding the relationship between these knowledges provides us with significant and powerful knowledgeabout  of our evolutionary path and opens the way to a numerical energy favorable to personal success.

Knowing this tool, it is possible to adjust opportunities and use self-knowledge to recognize the changes necessary for our development, whether to overcome challenges or develop potentials and skills.

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Do you know what Sephiroth are? The spheres of the tree of life?


Imagine a power plant producing half a million volts of charge. The immense power of this electricity cannot be brought directly into your home without incinerating it. 


Rather, there should be a series of "reduction points" where this great energy is distributed and reduced into smaller and smaller units until it is safe to discharge it into your home.


Likewise, the Ein Sof (God's infinite and limitless power and holiness)  is too much for us to experience without a series of “stations of descent”, known as the Sephirot.

Let's know each Sephirah of the tree of life. Come on?

Each of the spheres tells us a different way in which God relates to creation, let's get to know them.


  • Malkhut: Realm of manifestations

  • Yesod: Connection, projection, sexuality

  • Hod: Splendor, regeneration

  • Netzach: Victory, Permanence

  • Tiferet: Harmony, Beauty

  • Gevurah: Power, Restraint

  • Chessed: Kindness, Donation

  • Binah: Understanding, deep contemplation

  • Chochmah: Wisdom, Divine Spark/Insight

  • Keter: Crown - a point that touches the higher spiritual realms

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That we are capable of improving ourselves at any time, you already know that!
With Kaballah we can outline some more sensitive times to work on certain attributes. For example the month of Nissan (Aries energy) we will have the opportunity to refine our communication.

  Have you ever thought about studying Astrology in the Hebrew tradition, with professionals from Casa do Sol? So come and discover our course. 

Let's get to know the main myths and archetypes of the Hebrew tradition, how they relate to astrology and also:

Symbols and archetypes of
Tree of Life

The Four Worlds

Planets and Sephirot

The Zodiac and the 12 Tribes

Hello, I'm Maurice Jacoel

I have been working for more than 30 years with transpersonal astrology and systemic constellation

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Maurice Jacoel holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo (1981). Extension Course in Astrology as experimental verification by UNESP (1987), taught by Professor Raul Martinez. Graduate (lato sensu) in Psychology (Jung) - Jungian Institute of Teaching and Research - IJEP (2012, Brasília)

He was the creator of a differentiated teaching space for astrology from 1987 to 1992; in São Paulo, called Centro de Estudos Girassol.

Professor in training courses in Systemic and Phenomenological Family Constellation, through the Brazilian Institute of Systemic Solutions of Goiânia and CESP - Systemic Psychology Center of Fortaleza.

Professor and Coordinator of the Training Course in Transpersonal Astrology at UNIPAZ/Brasília.

In addition to bringing a state of presence, you will be able to use kaballah in your therapies, bringing awareness of the sephiroth and their paths.

We will teach you how to interpret the birth chart in the light of kaballah, you will have one more tool for your profession e  your life journey.

Come specialize with Casa do Sol, here we prepare you for your future.

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