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Welcome to Casa do Sol!​​

In astrological symbolism, the attributes of the Sun are Consciousness, Will, the expression of creativity, recognition and Enlightenment acquired when we align our Being to the center of our heart, developing it from self-knowledge.

We believe that by promoting opportunities for self-knowledge, we cultivate experiences that help us find our place in the world, healing the wounds of our being and rescuing our mission d'Alma. Along the way, we strip ourselves of our armor to face life as it is, taking possession of what is most precious within ourselves: our existential glow.

In this way, we offer lectures, courses and events in the various areas focused on caring for the being, both for those who want to start on the path of self-discovery or for the improvement of those who already work with transpersonal therapies, Astrology and other knowledge.

Our mission

Casa do Sol was created to facilitate the meeting of different knowledge, especially, but not exclusively, Astrology, aiming at the spiritual and individual evolution of each being and enabling the awakening of many consciences.


Its mission is to promote the personal and professional development of its students by offering a complete, serious astrological education, committed to its origins and based on the precepts of the ancient schools of astrology, in compliance with international parameters.

Our vision

As guardian of this millenary knowledge, Casa do Sol seeks the constant improvement of its team to consolidate itself as an international reference in the teaching of Astrology.

Our values

At Casa do Sol, we value our commitment to didactics, professional ethics, and the extensive and practical teaching of techniques, symbologies and theories that permeate this magnanimous knowledge, cultivating the transdisciplinary teaching of Astrology that deepens the journey of self-knowledge.

Meet our team

Administrative Team

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