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Module 8 - Hissing:
Astrological Predictive Techniques

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Função e Significado

Divisão por Triplicidades
(casas de fogo, terra, ar, água)

Divisão pela Natureza da Casa

Divisão por Modalidade ou Quadruplicidades
(angular, sucedente, cadente)

Astros nas Casas

Casas Derivadas



Exemplos Práticos com Mapas de Celebridades

We are born at a certain time in a certain place, and like wine and a good year, we take this year's quality into the future. This is what a Astrology claims, nothing more, nothing less.


The power of spirit force is the cosmos - as it is

evident in everything! It is invisible to the eyes and

silent to the ears, inseparable from everything

and nothing can stop it.


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