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Systemic Horus
Astrology and the Integrated Systemic View

with Daniela Rossi and Elizabeth Nakata

A complete formation in Systemic Constellation from a transdisciplinary astrological approach.There are 18 complete modules taught by professors Daniela Rossi and Elizabeth Nakata, withpractical examples of live constellations, systemic exercises, meditations, experiences and much morefor you to understand this technique!

100% Online
distance learning platform
Theoretical-Practical Studies
Training with 198 hours

* Frequency required

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What is the Systemic Approach to the Natal Chart?

It's an excellentmethod for individual growth and flourishing from the self-knowledge provided by the appropriation of systemic laws that permeate our relationships, whether personal, family or professional.


An incredible transdisciplinary approach to your professional and individual development based on self-knowledge.


Know the systemic laws that permeate relationships, whether personal, family or professional.


Comeenrich your astrology reading and/or understand how the systemic laws act in your life or that of your clients through this transdisciplinary training in which we integrate the Western Astrology and the Systemic Constellation, bringing light to what may be hidden in your family system and facilitating the process of untying certain knots, releasing what does not walk in the direction of Life. 

We will study in depth theLove's Orders and theAid Orders, incredibly useful systemic concepts both for reading the natal chart and forperformance of the astrologer or therapist in their various consultations.

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In the button below, you will be redirected to the payment da registration.  After payment, you will be directed to fill in the enrollment form! Fill carefully! Our Secretary will contact you confirming enrollment!
Who is this training intended for?

Astrologers who want to acquire one more tool to help with their care

People who want to become constellators

For those who seek to know themselves better and live with greater awareness

What will you learn?

Module 1

Concepts and Fundamentals

Module 2

Systemic Vision of Constellations

Module 3

The Orders of Love

Module 4

Systemic Approaches

Module 5

Individual Service

Module 6

Group Service

Module 7

Ancestral Constellations

Module 8

The Orders of Help

Module 9

A Look at the Family

Module 10

Relationships in the Systemic View

Module 11

Symptoms and Diseases

Module 12

Organizational Constellations

Module 13

Addressing Specific Topics

Module 14

Structural Constellations

Module 15

Constellation in the Water

Module 16

astro constellation

Module 17

astro constellation

Module 18

astro constellation

Module 1 | Concepts and Fundamentals

What are constellations and how did they come to be?

Who was Bert Hellinger?

The bases of the Systemic Look

Check the syllabus by module:
At the end of the course, in addition to following the path of self-knowledge and self-development,
you will be able to:

Act as a constellator in individual or group format, in person or online

 Facilitating Constellation in Water

Facilitate Structural and Ancestral Constellations

 Facilitating the Natal Chart Constellation

 Applying the systemic view in Astrology services

Integrating Astrology in the care of Systemic Constellations

Help your clients recognize the hidden dynamics of their family system

Start:September 16, 2022

Once a month(18 months)

Fridaysfrom 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm and  

Saturdaysfrom 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm

100% Online Classes
and live
for further reading
Experiences, meditations and imaginative constellations
Registration Fee*: BRL 260.00
Monthly fee: BRL 530.00

*payment of this fee is the only way to reserve a place for training (non-refundable fee)
Meet your teachers

Daniela Rossi


Graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo – USP; Post-graduated in Transpersonal Psychology at Instituto Zen / ITECNE-PR.

Educator and integrative therapist specializing in Rebirthing, Craniosacral Integration Therapy®, Somatic Experiencing®, Anthroposophic Biographical Counseling and Storytelling.

Training in Family Constellations (Hellinger ® schule and IDESV), specialization in Systemic Education (IDESV) in addition to several workshops in the systemic area with the most renowned Constellators from Brazil and abroad (Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Ursula Franke, Joan Garriga, Franz Rupert , between others).

Training in Astrology since 1986 – Instituto Delphos/SP. Specializations at Kepler College (USA) and Astrology University (Canada), in addition to numerous independent courses.

Member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) and regional coordinator of CNA - Central Nacional de Astrologia.

Lecturer in postgraduate courses in Transpersonal Psychology at Instituto Zen/Itecne, Instituto Anicha/SC and Rede Unipaz/SC. Coordinator of the postgraduate course in Education and Culture of Peace at UNIPAZ/SC. Coordinator of the postgraduate course in Transpersonal Psychology at UNIPAZ/SC – Universidade Internacional da Paz. Member of the Management Board of Unipaz/SC since 2008. He was president of Unipaz/SC between 2015 and 2018. He currently runs Casa do Sol – Institute of Cosmo Analysis in Florianópolis\SC. International lecturer, facilitates courses, seminars and thematic trips in the Astrological and Transpersonal area for personal development and improvement.

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In the button below, you will be redirected to the payment da registration.  After payment, you will be directed to fill in the enrollment form! Fill carefully! Our Secretary will contact you confirming enrollment!
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