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Therapeutic Tarot Course


EXPERIENCE MODULE:Journey to the Unconscious

The unconscious and the conscious exist in a profound state of reciprocal interdependence, and the well-being of one is impossible without the well-being of the other. Jung empirically proved that the development of consciousness is not just a rational process. Modern man is sick and deprived of a deep meaning in his life because, since the Renaissance, humanity has chosen a path of development based on the assumption that conscience and reason are identical, reaching the absurdity of "I think, therefore I am" .


The narrower and more rationally focused is man's consciousness, the greater is the danger of hostility from the forces of his own unconscious. Consciousness or awareness, said Jung, can only be renewed and expanded by maintaining non-rational lines of communication with the collective unconscious.

However, the collective unconscious is structured around universal principles or patterns that modern psychology calls archetypes. Historically, human imagination has given different forms of expression to these archetypes and we find them in legends, myths, fairy tales, religions from different times and cultures, always preserving their essential and universal character. Archetypes work in the psyche much like instincts work in the body. Just as any newborn infant has an inherent tendency to nurse or to be startled by a loud noise, so his psyche shows hereditary tendencies whose effects can be similarly observed. Unforeseen things can happen when we are faced with an archetype or an archetypal situation. We may experience an intense emotional reaction when not compulsive or irrational. Exploring these unconscious reactions, we can discover the archetype that is manipulating us and free ourselves from its compulsion. Thus, we become more aware of the archetype and the next time we encounter it in the outside world, our response will not be  irrational but conscious and functional.

Bioenergetic Analysis, as a technique that helps the individual to access his body unconscious, leads to focus and consciously experience the archetypes. We thus have an excellent way of approaching a group of people regardless of the character structure of each one, as they all have a psyche structured around the archetypes. Of the multiple symbolic representations of archetypes, which the history of humanity offers us as myths, legends, fairy tales, etc. the one that best adapts to a bioenergetic body work and to the mind of the western human being are the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot.


To lead the student to personal growth, opening his conscience to the Universal Principles, symbolized by the 22 Major Arcana, which constitute the pillars of the psychic structure. The conscious experience of the 22 Arcana will lead us to develop:

1.- A more conscious, practical and functional attitude to living archetypal situations (relationship with father, mother, transformations and losses, adventure, etc.).

2.- A more objective view of our beliefs, predispositions, fears and patterns of unconscious and automatic behavior that block our integral realization  promoting internal and external changes.

3.- Greater clarity to define a Plan of Life based on the deep yearnings that the True Being has to, through fully developing his talents and potentialities, become wholly himself, that is, a complete, accomplished, fruitful being and happy. A Life Plan free from the expectations of the ego, family and society.

4.- For those who place Tarot, it helps to avoid harmful projections in consultations.


Experiential work with each Archetype: The Father, the Mother, the Child, the Polarity, the Transformation, the Destruction, the Potential, the Instinctive, the Unknown, the Transcendence, etc. For this, we use body techniques from the Bioenergetic Analysis that help the individual to access his body unconscious, exercises that create situations that bring out the archetypes and the perception of the relationship that the person has with them, traditional and Osho meditations, dance, games, written exercises and breath work.



FROM 09:00 AM TO 19:00 PM

VALUE:BRL 980.00 a view  or  3x 350.00 


No requirements are necessary.


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