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He has dedicated himself to the study of Astrology since 1986, when he participated in the 1st group at Instituto Delphos/SP, coordinated by Milton Maciel.


Graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo – USP


He attended several courses and workshops in the astrological, mythological and transpersonal areas, with several renowned professionals such as Nick Campion, Robert Glasscock, Robert Hand, Bert Hellinger, Leonard Orr, Robert Moss, among others.


Accredited by Astrobrasil (Central Brasileira de Astrologia) between 2002 and 2005, under the coordination of Maurício Bernis and associated with Sinarj - Syndicate of astrologers of Rio de Janeiro; ISAR - International Society for Astrological Research and OPA (Organization for professional Astrology).


Between 2003 and 2008, she coordinated Mandala Mix, Centro de Terapias Integradas in Ilha Grande – RJ, which she created and owned and from which she was able to develop her therapeutic skills, perfecting herself in some profoundly healing techniques related to her work.


Rebirthing Training – Basic and Advanced Taught by Nathalie Faugeret (Brahmani) and Deva Vasant at YAM Ashram. 


From 2007 to 2010, he completed training in Craniosacral Integration Therapy® – levels I II III IV and advanced I II Conducted by Dr. Aziza Noguchi. Update on Transmutation Therapy®


From 2008 he participated in the training in Family Constellation according to Bert Hellinger. Taught by Lorenz Weist – Hellinger Institut Landshut, Germany; Seminar Hellinger Science – “How love can work out”, with Bert Hellinger; independent seminars with Ursula Franke Bryson and Frank Bryson (Systemic Connections). Training in Systemic Family Constellations and Training in Systemic Education with Décio and Wilma (IBHBC/ IDESV).


Somatic Experiencing® Training – Levels: Beginner I II III   and Intermediate I II III, Taught by Lael Katharine Keen and Russell Ira Jones- Somatic Experiencing Trauma Foundation (SETI) – Bolder , USA.


Postgraduate in Transpersonal Psychology at Itecne/PR


He inaugurated Casa do Sol, the Institute of Cosmo-Analysis in Florianópolis/SC, where he develops, until today, several workshops and courses for self-knowledge. Provides Training in Astrology, in addition to providing other courses and workshops in partnership with specialist teachers in the areas.


Lecturer in Astrology in the postgraduate course in Transpersonal Psychology at Instituto Zen/SC and Unipaz/SC, coordinates trips, courses and workshops in the Astrological and Transpersonal area in Brazil and abroad. 


Vice-president of CNA – Central Nacional de Astrologia - from 2013 to 2015 and current coordinator of the regional CNA/Santa Catarina, entities of national and international scope and renown within the astrological area.


President of UNIPAZ/SC - Universidade Internacional da Paz, Santa Catarina unit between 2015 and 2018, participates as director of the current management council and as a volunteer therapist of Projeto Amanhecer at the University Hospital of UFSC.

Other formations
2010 to 2021 

Training in Short Story given by Sonia Farias and Paulo Pimont. Instituto Ipe Roxo.

In training in Anthroposophic Biographical Counseling. Association 'Sagres - SC. Methodology developed by Gudrun Burkhard and Daniel Burkhard, permeated by the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.


Saint Germain Florals – module I and II Taught by Neide Margonari (system tuner).  


Clinical Apometry Course – Apometria I and clinical Eteriatria Taught by Carina Greco.


Reiki level I and II - initiated by Master Deise Ruas - Associação Brasileira dos Mestres de Reiki.


FHB-Holistic Basic Training - Unipaz/SC - International University of Peace.


Training in Gynetherapy - care for women with Monica Giraldez (course creator).


Training in Alma da Terra Medicine - with Sahwenya Passuello (idealizer of the method and tuner of the Alma da Terra Flower Remedies).

Training in Astrology:

• Instituto Delphos/SP coordinated by Milton Maciel

and independent courses.

• Kepler College - USA;


• University of Astrology - UK;


• Gaia School of Astrology-SP;


• Regulus astrology school-SP;


• Espaço do Céu-RJ.


• Specialization in Psychological Astrology, Karmic, Vocational, Elective and Predictions.


• Training in Astrological Care Techniques and Ethics - ISAR/USA - International Society for Astrological Research.


• Training in Chinese Astrology – Zi Wei Dou Shu –  Level I and II – Taoist Society of Brazil.



She worked for many years in partnership with psychologists, reconciling the astrological approach as an excellent helper in accurate and sensitive diagnoses. From then on, he developed a humanist and integrative line of work. He currently coordinates Casa do Sol, Institute of Cosmo-Analysis in Florianópolis/SC where he develops several workshops and courses for self-knowledge, using Astrology, Family Constellation with Fairy Tales and Transpersonal Psychology as the basis of his work.

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