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Experiential Journey in Karmic Astrology





9 am to 6 pm, one Saturday a month.


• 4 x BRL 440.00 

. 1766.00 in 4 installments on the card or

• BRL 1,600.00 in cash
• If you have already participated in this course and want to recycle, you will have a 30% discount.

Information and registration:
(48) 996319336 Daniela

Karmic Astrology allows you to unravel patterns of attitudes, behaviors, beliefs and events from your remote past so that you can finally find explanations for certain postures, decisions, preferences, which end up determining the quality of your current life.

When we were born into this existence, we carry with us our marks and luggage from other lives. We are, therefore, the sum and result of all our actions in the past, of the lessons we have acquired, of the skills we have developed, but also of the failures, setbacks and difficulties that we need to overcome.

To paraphrase Paramahansa Yogananda: a child is only born when its individual Karma is mathematically aligned with the sky, that is, we choose an astrological configuration to remind us of our purpose, mission and challenges we need to overcome. Soon, through its decoding, we will find the necessary wisdom to better understand our Karma and our Dharma, as well as the best way to fulfill it.

This is the thought that underlies the theory of Karmic Astrology, which teaches us to reframe our history, transforming our look... and you are invited to this journey!

A dive into past lives in search of understanding and transformation. Deep knowledge that we will bring to light, favoring the path of evolution of our soul.

Together we will find the answers for which our soul so yearns, accompanied by our pilgrim masters from heaven: the stars.
This course will facilitate the recognition of your karmic challenges, allowing for some necessary adjustments, at the same time that it will stimulate the recognition and use of the inherited potentials and abilities, in order to facilitate the construction of a life of fulfillment, consistent with your heart and with the called your soul.

Several tools will be used for self-knowledge, such as Astrology, Tarot, Shamanism, Family Constellations, guided meditations, among others.

Workshop comprises 04 Meetings that will take place on Saturdays, once a month.

1. Meeting 
Understanding Who We Are - Keys to Uncovering Our Karmic Blends

2. Meeting 
Journey to Your Soul's Mission - From Who You Are to Who You Can Be

3. Meeting 
Saturn: Our Karmic Teacher - Understanding our fears and desires

4. Meeting 
Jupiter: Our credit Karmic - Developing new perceptions and judgments.

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