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Next Live 04.09.22

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What do Astrology and Systemic Constellation have in common?


Daniela Rossi

Educator and director of Casa do Sol.  

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Elizabeth Nakata

Constellator Therapist creator of the Golden Symmetry method

Theme of our live

We belong to family, professional, cultural and social systems, where each participant has his place and function.


Every time one of the members leaves his place, he is excluded or starts to play a role that is not his, putting himself in the place of someone else, and thus, the system is unbalanced.


After these disorders, entanglements and links arise that are shown through symptoms such as illnesses, inability to access prosperity, unsatisfactory affective relationships or difficulty in fully developing their capabilities and skills.


Through therapeutic intervention and the study of the natal chart, it is possible to identify where the entanglement is and seek a path to the solution. The goal is to put the individual in line with their natural flow of life, to achieve their purposes.

We will talk about how Astrology can help in this process of untying knots and realizing the influences of ancestry on your birth chart.


In this live, we will unite Astrology and the Systemic Family Constellation to broaden our view of hidden family dynamics.

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