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The Temple of Shamanic Dream Healing

A Workshop on Active Dreaming, with Robert Moss.


Between the 24th and 27th of October 2014


You are invited to enter the dream healing temple to renew body and soul, in


a beautiful place beside the Atlantic ocean, where the purifying energies of wind and


water, are strong and powerful.


You will arrive ready to dream deeply. At the temple's outer portal, you will receive


help to let go of your old stories and ways of thinking; like the serpent,


when she sheds her old skin.


At night you will receive a "coaching" to enter the sacred dream with your best


intentions, and for the day, to let the earth communicate with you, in its own language of


symbol and synchronicity.


You will be nurtured and supported by a community of creative and seeking spirits,


while learning and practicing self-healing techniques that are as old as Asclepius and


his daughters, Panacea and Hygia; and as modern as the imaginal medicine of our future.


You will learn how to harvest personal healing images, how to connect with your guides


Spirits and your power animal and how to bring parts of your life energy back home


of soul, which may have been lost.


You will also meet sacred guides and journey to other times and dimensions,


in the manner of shamans' dreams. You will discover how the issues and dramas of your current life


begin to have connections with personalities in other times, and that the Now is the point


of Power, so that the choices you make can benefit


and healing for all.


We will celebrate and bring our shared experiences into our bodies.


through spontaneous rituals, such as theater presentations, drawing, poetry, singing and the




You will harness your power to be the healer of your own life, and the shaman of your own life.


soul. You will cultivate a new dream of possibilities for your life, strong enough to


lead you beyond fear to a place of freedom and great joy.


Robert Moss is the creator of Dream Active--a synthesis of modern work with the


dreams and ancient shamanic techniques for journeying and healing. Born in Australia, he


survived three childhood near-death experiences. Combining these experiences with


a natural ability to dream, he develops many powerful and original techniques to


shamanic lucid dreaming, soul reminiscing, and "multiverse" travel.


He is the author of several books on dreams, with emphasis on: Conscious Dreaming, Dreamgates,


Dreamways of the Iroquois, The Dreamer's Book of the Dead, The Secret History of


Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming


Whole. Robert lives in the USA, and gives workshops on his technique, O Sonhar Ativo, at


whole world. In addition, it organizes and presents a three-year training for teachers


of Active Dreaming.


His website is and you can find him on Facebook.






Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina


Dates: October 24-27, 2014


Investment: US$700 (there is a significant discount for registrations


advance payments - if you make the US$ 200 non-refundable deposit by the 15th of


June, the value drops to US$450)




Lael Katharine Keen


E-mail: or (please put "Templo dos


Dreams" in the email title)


Phone: (48) 3237-7184


House of the Sun Program

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