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With psychological approach
and karmic, focused on self-knowledge – challenges, skills, soul mission, Karma and Dharma, direction and life purpose, etc..  – approximately 2h consultation.
Analysis of annual trends and challenges using Solar Return, transits, progressions and Firdar techniques (valid for the next 12 months). Approximately 1h30 consultation


Vocational Analysis 
Study and interpretation of the client's qualities and potential, helping him to recognize his gifts and abilities that best fulfill his needs in order to better use his creative and professional potential.
Study, comparison and interpretation of maps of
two (or more) people, whether family members, with emotional and/or professional ties, in order to detect the potential, the facilities,  the challenges and difficulties existing between them.
Elective Map
The choice of the most appropriate moment for a given situation. Indicated for choosing favorable dates for opening businesses, new ventures, surgeries, moving house, job, etc.
KARMIC astrology
Analysis of the birth chart focusing on past lives, karma/dharma, soul mission, purpose and challenges that the current life presents but that reside in misunderstood lessons from previous lives so that, based on this recognition, you can transform your attitude and reframe the look at this existence,
A set of sessions based on the ancient knowledge of astrology and modern Transpersonal Psychology. We use different psychotherapy techniques that allow the participant to achieve self-development, liberation and healing.
Family Constellation
Individual session, with the support of anchors or dolls to elucidate and solve hidden dynamics involved in personal, family or organizational relationships that act in our lives and that, unconsciously, are interfering in it, generating crises, losses, illnesses or shortages in some way.  
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