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The Natal Astrological Chart represents the photograph of the sky in the exact place and time of a given birth. It symbolically portrays our innate blueprint and our inner design.

We are solely responsible for what we do with our lives, for the degree to which we accept or reject our true nature, purpose and identity. However, the knowledge of this Charter enables us to perceive our challenges, our abilities, in which sectors of our lives we must grow and what we can learn from adversities. Therefore, Astrology is a powerful tool that facilitates the understanding of our life path and direction.



Using specific astrological techniques, annual personal trends will be analyzed, thus helping any process of change, overcoming doubts, insecurities and decision-making, evaluating the best astrological possibilities in relation to work, family, relationships, health, others, for better use of the creative and materializing potential of each one.


“The Natal Chart is the best guide we have to take us back to ourselves…”



  • Personal Astrology

  • karmic astrology

  • Vocational Astrology

  • Elective Astrology

  • Forecasts


As a translator of this “language of the stars”, I invite those interested to get in touch for further clarification and to schedule an appointment, also informing that the interpretations can be carried out via ZOOM and sent over the Internet to those who are unavailable for personal assistance. .




Astrotherapy is a method of healing, growth and personal development that follows a well-defined methodology based on the ancient knowledge of  Astrology and modern Transpersonal Psychology. It makes it possible to decode the origin of suffering that may come from intrauterine trauma, from childhood, adolescence and sometimes even from past lives, using various psychotherapy techniques that allow the participant to achieve healing, liberation and self-knowledge.


Astrology, according to the planetary cycles, allows us to identify the  moment of evolution and phase of existential growth in which we find ourselves, as well as  helps to clarify the internal and external challenges and conflicts that life presents at the present time. In this way, existential crises become real impulses for growth and evolution.


Astrotherapy, in this way, helps human beings to rediscover their path, since we are all in this evolutionary quest, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes we get lost, and then great suffering and existential crises arise that translate into depression, stress, anguish, phobias or various obsessions, as well as physical illnesses and emotional imbalances.


Through analysis of the astral map, associated with various psychotherapeutic techniques, Astrotherapy helps the client to rediscover a path and understand what our “life project” really is, guaranteeing our existential well-being.


By becoming aware of our beliefs, as well as our patterns of behavior and transforming them, we can create harmonious lives according to our deepest truths, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us.


Group or individual therapy based on the personal Astral Chart

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Astrological Christmas Chart

Astrological Predictions


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